Brave browser known for its adblocking potential is in the centre of a massive reconstruction, The application has an option for private tabs which is powered by TOR, which is supposed to stop other web pages from tracking you.

Earlier this month they launched an overhauled version of the Web browser called Brave Core. Which now looks very similar to Google’s Chrome Browser. This shouldn’t be very surprising as brave is based off the application.

Users have been left in the lurch a little as it has been discovered the new version has very minimal support for the TOR privacy mode. Brave has the ability to block ads and trackers, which seems to be prompting an increase on the need for browsers that protect users from prying eyes.

TOR or The Onion Router uses technology that separates your computer from the website you’re viewing by routing the network traffic through 3 seperate servers before it reaches your computer. That being said Brave Core Beta hasn’t been fully tested yet so “users should not rely on it for serious use just yet,” Brave said.

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