Banking’s Financial Origin and Evolution

The word bank comes from the Old Italian word, banca, which means bench. A bench is what lenders in Florence and other wealthy towns in northern Italy used to sit on to do their business with clients. The first...

Google Vs. The Lawmakers

David Cicilline and Jeff Fortenberry, two US lawmakers sent a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai a few weeks ago, asking the company to provide information on how YouTube Collects the Data of Child Users. In...

MINUTE DATA NEWS // EPISODE 010 // MICROSOFT AND SHELL Microsoft and Shell are developing AI tech to bust Smokers at petrol stations, Instagram founders are to resign; moving onto bigger & better things, Snapchat i...

Australia’s New PM, Pro Blockchain?

The Australian Crypto Scene has been taken aback with some very interesting developments that took place during a press conference made by Australia’s Acting Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as he divulged he was...

Crypto 101: Top 3 Hardware Wallets

Crypto 101: Top 3 Hardware Wallets If you’ve come to this page you most likely read our Crypto 101 Article - If not, you can read it here.   I suppose we should start with a brief explanation of why...

Crypto 101: Trading Platforms For Newbies

Crypto 101: Safe Methods Newbies Can Use To Start Trading Cryptocurrency If you’re new to Crypto you’re probably wondering where you can go to start your investment journey. So below we have taken the liberty ...

CrimEconomics Pt-1

CrimEconomics Pt-1 Courtesy Of Jerome Kyriakidis Here is a short summary of a book I will one day write…eventually (So don’t steal the name). In 2013, a new regulation implemented by the EU called for the ...

Homo Sapiens, Evolution, Money & Bitcoin

How a strange species of ape went from Barter to Bitcoin. An Essay. Guest-Post Courtesy Of Aleksandar Svetski Preface I started writing this damn article about 6mths ago…or maybe longer — I can’t even re...
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