Crypto 101: Top 3 Hardware Wallets

If you’ve come to this page you most likely read our Crypto 101 Article – If not, you can read it here.


I suppose we should start with a brief explanation of why it isn’t recommended to store the bulk of your Crypto in a browser or downloaded wallet application. It is not recommended to store the bulk of your crypto in one of these wallets as they have a consistent connection to the internet. We all know the nature of the internet (some more than others) if you are visiting certain websites you run the risk of potentially downloading malware and being phished. Obviously if you are storing a large amount of assets on a web based application you run the risk of being hacked.

This is why most people opt for a Hardware Wallet which is essentially a crypto vault that exists on a USB.These devices allows you to transfer Crypto when you have the device connected to your computer, as soon as the device is disconnected there is no way for anything to enter or exit.

Now that we have that out of the way, below we have slimmed down the multitude of options out there and brought you our top 3 picks for hard wallets. (in no particular order).


Ledger Nano –

Ledger Nano is one of the better known Hardware Wallets. Ledger nano protects your Data within a smart card. It has a micro processor which is certified against all attacks, this tech has been used in the banking industry for a very long time. This device much like it’s many competitors, connects to your computer through the USB port and does all the heavy lifting inside its secure environment.

Trezor –

Trezor Like the Ledger Nano is used to secure your cryptocurrency offline. The private Keys however are stored within the device and never leave it therefore they cannot be accessed by Malware. The wallets can hold an unlimited number of Keys. The Trezor Wallet generates a recovery seed which allows you to recover its contents if you misplace it or it is stolen.

Keep Key –

KeepKey is a USB device/hardware wallet that stores and secures your bitcoins and various other crypto. When you entrust KeepKey with your assets, every transaction you make must be reviewed and approved via it’s LED display.

In conclusion these devices are great and can save you a lot of hardship if the unfortunate event were to take place that you end up having your Crypto phished from you. However It needs to be noted that the piece of paper or notebook in which you write your recovery phrase is more valuable than the crypto stored inside the device. That’s enough from us this time, if you enjoyed the article or found it useful feel free to share it with your friends.

Until next time, Happy Hodling!

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